New name plaques for the club

new came plaques were ordered for the club

Organising the new name plaques for the club

We have just renovated all the facilities at the football club I play at and one of the last jobs was to order new name plaques for around the centre. It is the last task in a huge list we had when we started the project nearly twelve months ago and as lots of the work has been volunteer based it’s been a massive effort and really rewarding experience.
When you do a community project like ours it may surprise you to learn just how many people got involved from the people that painted the walls to the ladies that came down on a saturday with lunch from the volunteers. What was also impressive was the help that some local companies gave both in time, money and materials to help us achieve what we set out to do.
The place as been buzzing for months as people have seen the fruits of our labour taking shape and as it has the numbers getting involved have actually increased including even people not directly involved in the club but how were really happy to see the work being done and so many volunteers getting involved.

Most of the work is done and new name plaques are to be ordered

Now most of the work has been done our attention has turned to the finishing touches and one of the team who is a designer suggested he designed all the name plaques for around the club. We are very lucky to have a sign writer involved at the club who has kindly offered to get the signs done as his bit towards the cost of the place being renovated. Joe did some really good design for the name plaques and Brian has had all the artwork and got his guys to start producing them for the place.
The first few name plaques have already started to be installed around the club and they look great they should all be done before the executed final finishing date of next wednesday. As part of the celebration to open the new look club we have had commemorative name plaques done to unveil at the grand opening.

The name plaques will be unveiled next Saturday

We have organised a big open day to celebrate the new look club house and as part of the celebrations an ex-player of ours who went on to play league football has kindly offered to do a bit of a talk at the dinner and unveil the new name plaques with the mayor. We have lots planned for the day from bouncy castles to face painting and a fun friendly with a local non league club that will attract a lot of attention locally. The press have even offered to cover the event to give us a bit of free publicity which is a real bonus.
I cannot wait to see the name plaques unveiling and the place open for use, its been a lot of hard work but the results are certainly worth it.

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