Don’t be a lemon about free bets

Why pay when you can get free bets
You would have to be nuts not to go online and get your free bets offers. I am always looking for ways to save money and although I like a bet I don’t like risking or losing my own money to have a flutter.

If you do use bookmakers and don’t go online to place your bets you are missing out on a whole new experience and loads of free bets offers too. Just give it a try look on Google and do a search for free bets and you will be amazed at how many websites are out there all offering you the chance to claim free bets. You do not need to be internet savvy to do it as it is a simple as pie to do and to take up an offer is just a question of filling in a form that only takes a minute to do.

Getting to grips with free bets

Once you have done you search click on one of the websites you find and if you like it have a look to see what offers they have on. Basically you have two types of free bets offer one where you don’t need to put a deposit down to claim your offer and one where you do need to put in some funds to open the account and claim your free bets.
The ones where you do use a deposit are often very good and you get more in terms of value on your free bets but equally a free bet no deposit offer is great as you don’t need to part with any money at all.
The sign up is generally very simple a few boxes with basic details and you are good to go and once you have done this the free bets will be automatically added to your new account and can be used to place a bet straight away.

Free bets on the ball

My favourite type of gambling is sport and I always find new free bets offers to have a bet on a big game of collection of matches. Guessing the correct score and who will score first is great fun especially if you are watching. If you are with mates watching all getting the same free bets offer to do it together is cool and adds loads of added fun to the game you are all watching. The banter is always rife when we get together and use free bets on the game people are taking the mickey out of each others choices and coupled with a cold pint of cider it doesn’t get much better for me.
Hopefully this has given you a few ideas and you can start betting risk free like me be great to hear from you if you find any great free bets offers do post them up so I can get them to and if you win let me know as I always like to hear about someone getting one over on the bookies!

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